Blake Byers

I like to work on projects that can positively bend the arc of humanity over multiple generations, or are just fun, but ideally both.

Byers Capital

I manage Byers Capital as a family office with a focus on early stage technology and biotech investing. Announced investments include:


I cofounded NewLimit with Brian Armstrong (Coinbase CEO and cofounder) to extend human healthspan. The mechanism of age reversal we are investigating is partial epigenetic reprogramming, starting with T cells (a type of immune cell). We are doing deep and rigorous research to discover new ways to reverse the age of cells, and thereby recover function you’ve lost with age. We will be in basic research mode for many more years until we are able to progress our first product into clinical studies. We need team members across functional genomics, computational biology, machine learning, software engineering and general operations. Come join us!

Past Experiences - Google Ventures

I was a Partner at Google Ventures for a decade. I invested in 38 companies, 10 of which have gone public, 7 have been acquired, 17 are still active and 4 have shutdown.1 I joined Google Ventures soon after the founding and helped grow the firm from a $50M fund to a $2.5B fund. My early stage investments at GV included:

Past Experiences - Academic Research

I first fell in love with basic research while moonlighting in a Stanford University chemistry lab as a high school student. I continued doing basic research through my B.S at Duke, my Ph.D. at Stanford University and as a side project during my first few years at Google Ventures. I worked on atherosclerosis gene pathways, induced pluripotent stem cell modeling of neurodegenerative diseases, and transplantations of optogenetically controlled neurons.

1 Investment metrics as of Summer 2023